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CAR INTERIOR AMBIENT LIGHTING - (Contains 4 light bars)

CAR INTERIOR AMBIENT LIGHTING - (Contains 4 light bars)

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CAR INTERIOR AMBIENT LIGHTING - (Contains 4 light bars)

Includes 4 LED strips
Works with Bluetooth app - 16+ million colors
USB powered - plug and play
Compatible with all vehicles
Quick and easy installation - mounting tape included
RGB lighting patterns (fade, strobe, etc.)

Main Features :

  • Customizable Ambiance: Choose from a range of colors and effects to create the perfect ambiance.
  • Remote Control: Wireless remote control to easily adjust colors and lighting modes.
  • Simplified Installation: Quick and easy installation with included 3M adhesive.
  • Convenient Power Supply: Plugs into your car's 12V cigarette lighter for easy use.

    Why Choose Our Car Ambient Lights Kit?

    Our ambient lights offer limitless customization for your vehicle's interior. Whether to create a relaxed, dynamic or elegant atmosphere, this kit transforms your cabin into a welcoming and unique space. Perfect for fans of automotive customization and to bring a modern touch to your car.

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